About Cackalacky®

Our Campfire Story...

Our spicy Cackalacky® "campfire story" begins around the turn of the century with some friends, family and, well, a campfire...

With a "secret spice blend" and a bold dream - we set out on a mission to turn our love of authentic and lively local food & drink, original music, and The Great Outdoors into "something for people everywhere to enjoy!" And, well, that's exactly what we did. In a very - very - roundabout way...

We call our original food & beverage and clothing creations, "Cackalacky®" (pronounced "cack-A-lacky") - a word that we rescued from relative obscurity that we thought perfectly captured the spirit of our lofty-minded endeavors.*  

As a matter of fact, no one had ever used our brand name in commerce before we came along. So, we trademarked Cackalacky® and registered the Cackalacky.com Super Site and took our lofty ideas on the road to The People - singing our silly Cackalacky Song© and spreading the good word everywhere we went that "Life need not be bland any longer!" to pretty much anyone who would listen. Music festivals, beer festivals, barbecue competitions, tradeshows, grocery store parking lots all over these United States... You name it! If there was a crowd - we were there! After years of sampling our wares all over the country (quite litterally!) and making appearances in far-flung and highfalutin and places like Food Network, NPR, ABC, The Washington Post, Southern Living, and Bon Appetit our positive message began to slowly but surely catch fire...

These days, we continue to follow our passion for blending tradition with innovation and fun. As a matter of fact, this belief has become central to our day-to-day business philosophy as well as the common thread that binds us to our extraordinarily interesting fans & friends.

You are hereby cordially invited to help us spin the next chapter in our Cackalacky® narrative! Please feel free to join our perpetual conversation on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook @Cackalacky! 

Thanks for your awesome support & cheers to the next two decades!

Cackalacky®: We’re All Over The Map! (And, super proud of it!)

When it comes to making our stuff, we're all over the map! The North Carolina map, that is!

As you might imagine our big ideas outgrew our humble digs long ago… These days, when it comes to making all of our Famously Original™ provisions & gear we rely on the help of a select group of small, independent, and local contractors, producers, printers, brewers, sauciers, roasters, bottlers, farmers, and suppliers from all over NorthCarolina and points beyond! A patchwork of authorized Cackalacky® Brand makers, artisans, professionals, subject matter experts, and fellow passionistas - all strung together with a common *uniquely zestful* purpose.

More importantly, every Cackalacky® purchase that you make helps keep dozens of highly talented unsung heroes busy and employed around our state - from the Piedmont to the Coastal Plain and Mountain regions. And, this is something that we can all be proud of!

A Few Of The Nice Places In NC Where Your Cackalacky® Purchase Dollars Go:

★ Sauces & Seasonings: Henderson

★ Grocery Distribution: Salisbury, Black Mountain, Turkey, Dunn
★ Coffees: Raleigh
★ Snacks: Henderson
★ Ingredients: Salisbury, Colfax, Henderson, Selma, Zebulon, Oxford
★ Screen Printing & Embroidery: Greenville, Sanford
★ Printing: Durham, Winston Salem, Greenville
★ Outdoor Gear & Glassware: Greenville, Charlotte, Henderson
★ Food Sciences: Raleigh, Henderson
★ Legal: Chapel Hill, Charlotte
★ Freight Logistics: Durham
★ Shipping Materials: Asheboro
★ Warehousing: Pittsboro, Henderson