Cackalacky® Bourbon Pecan Pie Coffee Beans DECAF (12 oz. - case of 6)
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Cackalacky® Bourbon Pecan Pie Coffee Beans DECAF (12 oz. - case of 6)

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Cackalacky® Bourbon Pecan Pie Coffee Beans DECAF (12 oz. - case of 6)

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About: We love really - REALLY - great roasted coffee! We love bourbon! And, we love pecan pie and spices! So... Bourbon Pecan Pie Roasted Cackalacky® Coffee!

For our Bourbon Pecan Pie-Spiced Cackalacky® Coffee offering, we have combined the flavors of pecan pie (toasted nuts, dark brown sugar, and vanilla in a buttery crust), the essence of real Kentucky bourbon with fantastic single-origin Colombia-grown Arabica beans for a special beverage worthy of the most discerning palette.

Whether you're pairing with a nice country breakfast, backyard "glamping," or, simply savoring a nice cup all by itself, we truly hope and believe that you will agree that our Cackalacky® Bourbon Pecan Pie Coffee may be one of the finest and most memorable cups of brew that you’ve ever had. 

Single Origin: Colombia Grown, processed, and decaffeinated in Huila Colombia, this coffee is one of the best decafs we have ever tasted. A robust “single-origin” (not a blended coffee!) signature-roasted Arabica coffee.

Roasting Style: Signature Medium Roast

Roasted Bean Cupping Notes:
AROMA: Vanilla, Nutty
BODY: Smooth
FLAVOR: Malty, Citrus Fruit
ACIDITY: Balanced, Tangy
AFTERTASTE: Lingering Sweetness

Processing Method: Washed (Or Wet) Coffee Processing

What Is 'Single Origin' Coffee?

  • Single-origin coffee comes from a single country or farm.
  • It’s different than mass-market coffee, which is generally a blend of beans from multiple regions to create a smooth, consistent flavor.
  • Single-origin coffee beans taste unique to the region in which they’re grown. That’s what makes them so special.
  • When you buy single-origin coffee, you’re supporting small farmers and sustainable growing techniques.

Decaffeination Process: EA Sugarcane Process

Our decaf flavored coffee is decaffeinated using the EA Sugarcane Process.  “EA” stands for Ethyl Acetate. 

Here’s a quick description from our whole (green) bean supplier: our E.A. Decaf offering is processed with a natural ethyl acetate produced from esterification of ethyl alcohol and natural acetic acid. It is produced from sugar-cane carbohydrates by fermentation with Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Natural acetic acid is extracted and purified from vinegar, which is produced by means of aerobic fermentation of ethyl alcohol with the microorganism Acetobacter aceti.